Libertine FPE

Libertine's 'Linear Power Systems' technology can be employed within a free piston engine generator to overcome the challenges faced by earlier free piston engine schemes through a novel engine layout and control scheme, using proven engine and manufacturing technologies. The unique features that make this possible are described in detail in Libertine’s portfolio of patent applications.

Libertine's 'Linear Power Systems' geometry, control scheme and detail design draws on technologies proven in industrial power and control electronics industries, as well as from the automotive, motorsport and consumer products engineering backgrounds of the founders. Rapid advances in these technologies in the past 20 years have enabled this new approach – technologies such as fast and efficient power switching, solenoid poppet valves and real time engine management systems which were not available for the first 60 years of free piston engine technical development.

The technology is scaleable in engines up to 100kWe in size, and as small as 1kWe. With lower thermal losses from the elongated combustion chamber geometry, and the use of 'programmable piston motion' to help developers realise advanced combustion methods, Libertine's technology can be applied in engines that will be capable of delivering around 50% fuel conversion efficiency from a wide range of spark- and compression ignition fuels. By employing low cost manufacturing technologies and requiring few high precision machining operations, this will be a low cost engine to produce in high volumes.

Libertine's 'Linear Power Systems' technology will help developers to realise the full potential of the free piston engine.

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Example FPE features
Two stroke engine supercharged for power density
Variable compression ratio for fuel-optimised efficiency
Over-expansion cycle for high efficiency
Uniflow scavenging for low emissions
Few moving parts for low cost and reliability