Libertine announce Strategic Partnership Agreement with BASEBATT

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Libertine announce Strategic Partnership Agreement with BASEBATT

Libertine Holdings PLC (LSE AIM: LIB), a developer of linear generator technology, has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with BASEBATT Ltd (“BASEBATT”), a developer of battery storage solutions, to create factory-configurable, fuel-flexible containerised hybrid renewable power systems.

The purpose of the Strategic Partnership Agreement is to secure partner commitments to form one or more demonstration programmes in response to a trio of new enquiries from a leading US containerised power generator company, a waste-to-energy technology company and a global data centre energy services company.

The nature of the Strategic Partnership Agreement is largely non-binding and any revenue generating activities would be subject to further agreement in the form of a binding Joint Development Agreement or Contractual Framework Agreement and Statements of Work.

Under the terms of the Strategic Partnership Agreement, Libertine and BASEBATT intend to collaborate on business development, technical development and pilot programme formation activities to create prototype demonstration units for intensive energy users such as data centres, warehousing and logistics, and manufacturing operations in the UK and globally.

The containerised power system will incorporate linear generators, which combine the efficiency of fuels cells with the durability and power density of conventional generators to produce clean, dispatchable1 power from renewable fuels. Libertine’s intelliGEN platform is the foundation for a battery-like Linear Generator product architecture that combines individual Linear Power System ‘cells’ into modules and packs.

BASEBATT is a developer and supplier of modular battery energy storage systems for stationary power applications. BASEBATT’s technology provides a configurable, robust, future-proof platform for energy storage, management and deployment into a wide range of sectors.

The rapidly growing global demand for data centres and other energy intensive site operations is constrained by grid infrastructure and often relies on conventional internal combustion engine generators using fossil fuels for dispatchable power generation. Containerised hybrid power systems combining linear generator and battery technology would provide a more efficient, more effective, fossil free solution.

Sam Cockerill, Chief Executive Officer of Libertine, commented: “Grid infrastructure in both developed and developing markets is insufficient to support the growing demand for energy services, especially as the use of intermittent renewables increases. Libertine’s linear generator technology complements BASEBATT’s battery storage technology to provide a solution.

“Containerised hybrid power systems will help balance power supply and demand within micro-grids2 and behind-the-meter3 solutions by storing intermittent renewable power when there is a surplus and providing dispatchable clean power from renewable fuels when the battery storage is depleted.”

Richie Frost, Chief Executive of BASEBATT, said: “We are delighted to be working with Libertine to develop this new hybrid power system product architecture, addressing significant current challenges with grid infrastructure. The hybrid power system we intend to develop would provide a modular solution that can be factory-configured for individual business requirements, ensuring that both battery and generator capacity provided is optimally sized in a single container, and reducing the total system CAPEX and on-site installation costs.

“The combination of clean power generation from Libertine’s linear generator technology with battery storage of intermittent on-site renewable power will support continued growth of energy use in data centres and other energy intensive industries whilst delivering an economic path to net zero.”

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