Libertine was formed based on the insight that the future of transport and clean power generation is likely to involve a complex and diverse range of renewable fuels, working together with battery electrification, and that new technology solutions will be required to make clean power from these renewable fuels.  

We help OEMs develop products to generate this power. Libertine’s intelliGENTM technology platform enables the creation of Linear Generator products for heavy duty powertrains and reliable distributed power using fossil-free energy sources.  

The Linear Generator category has the potential to play an important role in reaching clean energy targets such as Net Zero emissions by 2050, and we believe our products will be essential for the decarbonisation of ‘hard to electrify’ transport applications.


Manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial vehicles have pledged to go ‘fossil free’ by 2040 through a combination of powertrain technologies that include battery electrification, renewable biofuels and synthetic low carbon ‘e-fuels’. 

The combination of a more limited battery powertrain than that of a fully electrified truck, with an onboard Linear Generator range extender that can use 100% renewable fuels, has the potential to overcome the obstacles facing transport operators and to drive significant uptake of fossil free vehicles before the end of this decade, contributing to the development of clean transportation systems and improving people’s lives.


The Directors recognise the value and importance of high standards of corporate governance, and a culture based on ethical values and behaviours is promoted.