Libertine sponsors LinearPower2015

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Libertine sponsors LinearPower2015

Libertine is named as a lead sponsor for LinearPower2015, the world’s first technology forum for linear power systems technology researchers and application developers. This event will be held at the University of Brighton in the UK on 7-8 September 2015.

‘Linear power systems’ include linear electrical machines, linear free piston expander and compressor systems, linear valves and bearings, linear motion control systems. These emerging technologies are joining forces to transform how electrical power is generated, how vehicles are powered, how heating and cooling are provided, how energy is stored.

Linear Power 2015 will bring together leading edge academic research and market-led industrial technology developers, showcasing the state of the art in this fast-moving field. This event will help accelerate research, development and deployment of novel linear power systems for power generation, heat recovery, cryogenics and many other applications.

To find out more information and register as a delegate, visit

LinkedIn group: Linear Power 2015
Twitter: @Linearpower2015

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