Libertine releases open source designs for low cost AMBU bag squeezer

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Libertine releases open source designs for low cost AMBU bag squeezer

Libertine FPE (“Libertine”) has released its open source design for a low cost ‘digital force’ AMBU bag squeezer for developers of non-critical-care breathing aids.

The project, supported by a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, successfully create a low-cost bag valve actuator device which can be manufactured using 3D printed parts.

Libertine has released design specifications including CAD files, electronic schematics and control software on the open-access platform GitHub to support more widespread development of low cost breathing aids using the Bag Valve Mask actuator (BVA) module and bag squeezer assembly (BSQ).

Initially developed as a non-critical care option for the COVID-19 pandemic, since the project’s commencement treatment options for COVID-19 in the UK and globally have advanced rapidly with oxygen therapy and steroids now playing a key role in limiting the progression of pre-intensive care cases and improving case mortality. However the low cost design may still provide a basis for breathing aids to reduce future mortality from a wide range of respiratory diseases, especially during annual flu seasons.

Videos showing five prototype systems running at the completion of the project, and a section through the BSQ assembly are online here:

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The complete design documentation pack can be downloaded here:

A limited number of evaluation systems are available for interested developers. For more information, please contact

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