Libertine FPE signs exclusive license deal with automotive test systems company AB Dynamics

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Libertine FPE signs exclusive license deal with automotive test systems company AB Dynamics

19 March, 2019

Libertine FPE, the creator of Smart Engine technology for electric vehicles, has signed an exclusive license deal with the world leading specialists in automotive test systems, AB Dynamics.

The license will enable AB Dynamics to create new vehicle and component test systems using Libertine’s technology.

Says Sam Cockerill, CEO, Libertine FPE: “While Libertine is increasingly focused on our core technology platforms for Smart Engines, there are numerous other applications for our high frequency linear electrical machines. This license will result in deployment of our technology in a range of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) test systems under development by AB Dynamics.”

Says Tony Best, Chairman of AB Dynamics: “AB Dynamics has been working with Libertine on electric actuator development for NVH test systems since 2015 developing and validating the performance through a series of lab prototypes. NVH performance is increasingly important to automotive OEMs as they strive to make vehicles more refined – and we are pleased to license this patented technology from Libertine.”

Servo hydraulic actuators are currently used in many NVH test systems where the required excitation frequencies are from DC, with a relatively large stroke of say ± 50 mm, up to about 50 Hz where the amplitude is only a few mm. However, it is difficult to extend the frequency range higher, e.g. to 250 Hz, in one actuator due to the compressibility effects of the hydraulic fluid. NVH test systems under development by AB Dynamics using electric actuator technology licensed from Libertine are expected to offer class-leading frequency and control performance for NVH testing up to 250 HZ. These systems will help automotive OEMs identify NVH problems early in the new vehicle design process, shortening development time and cost, and improving the refinement and quality of tomorrow’s vehicles.

About AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics is one of the world’s leading specialists in automotive test systems across a wide range of applications, from validation and durability to the development of advanced technologies for active safety and autonomous driving. Our focus on quality, support and test efficiency has made us a long-term trusted partner for vehicle manufacturers and technology suppliers worldwide.

About Libertine

Libertine makes Smart Engines for Electric Vehicles and distributed power generation. In future, most vehicles will require an on-board electrical power generator. Smart Engines running on a variety of cleaner and sustainable fuels are an essential part of this future – not only on board electric vehicles, but also in a wide variety of distributed power applications. Smart Engines could produce over 30% more power from the same fuel input, whilst being cleaner, quieter and easier to use and maintain than today’s power generators. Libertine is enabling this revolution in internal combustion engine performance with its proprietary electronic piston motion control and high-performance linear machine platforms for advanced combustion research (OpenFPE) and Smart Engine development (intelliGEN) . Smart Engines created using this technology will play a major role in global transport and power generation for decades to come. The addressable market for Libertine’s technology is estimated to be in excess of US$100 billion by 2025.


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