Major Shareholders

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The following information is correct as of 3 May 2022:

NamesNumber of Ordinary SharesPercentage of Enlarged Share Capital
NPIF YHTV Equity LP27,041,24019.4%
Octopus Investments25,250,00018.1%
Providence Holdings Limited115,402,83011.1%
Sam Cockerill214,245,00010.2%
Janus Henderson10,000,0007.2%
Reyker Nominees Limited4,792,7243.4%
Lady Patricia Saxby & Sir Robin Saxby34,871,3503.5%
Edward Haynes & Sarah Haynes44,460,7703.2%
Total number of shares in issue:139,219,010

The total number of shares in Ordinary Issue upon Admission is 139,219,010.

The percentage of shares not in the public hands is 61.8%.

1 Sam Cockerill is also a director of Providence Holdings Limited.
2 The holdings of Samuel Edward Cockerill are split between his personal holding (9.0%) and his investment vehicle, Sam Cockerill Limited (1.3%)
3 The holdings of Lady Patricia & Sir Robin Saxby are split between Lady Patricia Saxby’s holding (2.2%) and Sir Robin Saxby’s holding (1.3%)
4 The holding of Edward Haynes & Sarah Hayes are split between Edward Watson Haynes holding (0.2%), Sarah Jayne Haynes holding (1.7%) and Edward Haynes investment vehicle’s holding, Watson Haynes Limited holding (1.4%)